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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to ParsanExchange

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We Sell: 23300   IRR

ParsanExchange currently operates exclusively between Australia and Iran.

ParsanExchange is licensed and registered by the Australian ASIC and also provides services under the Anti-Money Laundering Act. You may see the required Certificate from the link About Us

ParsanExchange offers 24-hours online-services and 7 days a week to its customers via its Telegram channel, Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as its official website at https://parsan.com.au. In addition, our customers can contact us through WhatsApp messenger. You may see these information from the link Contact Us

The minimum amount that can be transferred is 50$ but for the amounts less than 1000$ a 10$ fee is charged by ParsanExchange.

Sign up first by clicking on the available link and fill up the required information then choose a proper Username & Password, after receiving the activation email from the site you could proceed to sign in and place your orders

Upon deposit of funds and confirmation of your submitted documents, it will ultimately take up to 36 working hours.

همه ی حواله ها با منبع مشخص به حساب مشتریان گرامی واریز می شود و برای تمام تراکنش ها فاکتور رسمی کشور استرالیا با کد پیگیری صادر می شود.

All remittances will be deposited into the account of customers while the sender is known and an official Australian invoice with a tracking code will be issued for all transactions.

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